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Sex is everywhere, TV, music, movies, and hearing it from peers.

During high school many of my friends lost their virginity by the time we graduated.

Some big changes that arise have to do with your sexual health.

(If you aren’t quite sure what we mean by “sexual health,” the Act Together For Youth page on What is Sexual Health?

Read More Posted By iamincontrol | September 25, 2014 Sexual coercion is a term used to describe when someone pressures, forces, or uses manipulation to get someone else to engage in a sexual act that they don’t want to do or are uncertain about doing. It is typically a form of pressure or control that an intimate partner may use related to sexual activities.

For example, a young man may put lots of pressure to have sex without using condoms because it affects his perception of pleasure – regardless of the risk to his partner for an STD or pregnancy.

Friends/peers may be the first people that you go to, but they may not be very knowledgeable on the subject. One of the best people you can talk to, besides a family physician or nurse, would be a parent or trusted adult in your life.

There are so many experiences and changes you face throughout middle and high school.

The doctor explained to me how to take the pills, when to start them, and the benefits and possible side effects from them.

Read More Posted By iamincontrol | March 27, 2014 Growing up in today’s society, it feels that everyone is having sex.

It was very nerve-racking, so I made sure to ask one of my good friends to tag along to support me.

It was very easy to make an appointment: I just picked up my phone.

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may be able to help.) When you have a question about sexual health, where do you go?

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