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Posted by / 07-Jan-2017 17:47

Wmp12 constantly updating media library

Everything seems to be working great, but when WMP12 adds a new CD rip to the Library the album art is missing sometimes.Naturally, I right click the album and tell WMP12 to "Update Album Info".

This should stop the problem if it is related to outdated drivers.If you want to restore the original and get rid of these album art hidden system files you must re-rip the CD.However, the first thing you need to do is delete the album from WMP12 library and then delete the physical files.I just setup dbpoweramp using the guide and I have already ripped several CD's but I am having an issue with the album art.Is it better to disable WMP12 from inserting its own album art information?

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Whenever I do this the that dbpoweramp included in the album folder disappears.

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