Am i too intimidating to men

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Some women would actually say that the men who are intimidated with their personality aren’t worth their time!

Other ladies, on the other hand, may feel isolated and alone because people (both men and women) see them as unapproachable or “too much”, or a man may think that you come across as though you don’t need anybody… If you think you may have an intimidating air, here are a few things you can do to give off a more approachable vibe: Others’ first impression of you doesn’t always have to stick.

In retrospect, I’ve pinpointed some of the things I did (and sometimes still do) that may explain why some men can feel uneasy around a strong woman.

Here are some of my sometimes – too intimidating attributes: Now these traits of mine are all wonderful traits, none of them are “bad” or “wrong” and some men would think these are attractive qualities and instantly love this, yet others can assume that my dial is turned up to number 10 at all times and find this a little scary!

I am suggesting a “tweaking approach” versus altering yourself so much that you appear to be a different person.

But then they all get picked up and I'm left alone in the corner, I'm not going to want to go home in case they get worried or feel bad themselves for somewhat bailing on me, so I will try to initiate conversation or stand there until somebody realizes how dejected I look.

But usually I just end up standing there until one of my friends comes back and saves me.

I just moved to a new city halfway across the country, so really bars are the only place I know to meet people.

Plus I'm always going out with my friend's roommates, and they always go to bars.

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For some time deliberated and even marvelled as to why I would be threatening to a man?

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