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Adrienne Frantz has a childlike openness and playfulness which is very appealing to others, but which sometimes gets her into trouble, as Adrienne takes risks on impulse or whim.Adrienne Frantz has a very attractive personality and loves to socialize.The images are published with permission or as allowed by the copyright law's fair use or quotation provisions.

She may feel lonesome, but unable to bridge the gap between her and others.Because of this she is very popular, especially with the opposite sex.Adrienne Frantz also has a sense of beauty and may be interested in some kind of artistic work or hobby."Amber has been in near-death situations so many times," Adrienne Frantz says."I've never been nervous about what (the writers) are going to do with her.

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Adrienne Danielle Frantz is an American actress and singer-songwriter who portrayed Claire Redfield in a live-action Resident Evil 2 commercial shown only in Japan.

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