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However, if you need different settings for the upgrade process you have to quit the application and run it anew.

At this point, you should take the same actions that you normally take when changes have been made to the source code of your application (like opening the application in Microsoft® Visual Studio, and then reviewing the source code, compiling, and testing).

There are different depths of update we would recommend based on your goals and budgets.

Microsoft included 3 new features in Web Forms in the July 2015 release of . So clearly, they still intend to support it and even add to it on occasion. It seems fairly clear to me that those are where the excitement is in ASP. NET Framework for at least several major future releases. When you think about building a new application or updating an existing one into a more modern technology, it’s usually a good idea to jump in fairly close to the cutting edge.

Usually this means reusing the database layer and sometimes some chunks of business logic.

Version Utility 11.1 is designed to upgrade projects to Ultimate UI for ASP. If you need to upgrade to one of the previous versions of Ultimate UI for ASP. 10.3) you should use the Version Utility that was shipped with that volume.

It can facilitate the process of upgrading the Telerik® UI for ASP. To start the Upgrade Wizard go to Telerik On the next step the wizard lists all projects from the solution, which use Telerik® UI for ASP. You can choose which projects will be updated (it is recommended to upgrade all projects to the chosen version) and the version which they will be upgraded to.

The Compatibility button will invoke the Upgrade API Analyzer tool: In case you select Do not update option, nor the existing resources will be updated, neither the new ones will be added.

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NET web application, there does not seem to be a way to either generate or update the .files that bridge the markup with the code behind.

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