Renault speed dating

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Renault speed dating

It comes with petrol and diesel engine options, with the diesel available in two set of tunes.

What we have here is the least powerful of the lot – the 84bhp oil burner.

It desperately misses the sixth gear that the 109bhp version gets.

It takes lots of throttle to cruise at highway speeds, which, of course, hurts efficiency.

What’s also remarkable about the AWD variant is the ride comfort.

Renault has confirmed that in the next couple of months, you could actually walk into their showrooms and write off that cheque for a Duster 4x4. In fact, this is the best thing that could have happened to the compact SUV, apart from an auto variant, which the company is tight lipped about.

It’s called the Duster AWD and in essence, that’s what it is – an all-wheel drive version of the regular Duster that can send power to all four wheels when the situation demands. So for now, it’s only the new Duster AWD that will go on sale at the onset of the festive season and we were the lucky ones to try out the tools that make this Duster stop at nothing. Unlike the traditional 4x4 mechanism, there isn’t an option of engaging the 6-speed gearbox into low-range, instead, you get an electronically controlled AWD system that could be engaged on-the-fly with the help of a knob.

The full bells-and-whistles RXL (O) variant is pegged at Rs 12.34 lakh. The numbers4cyl, 1461cc, 84bhp, 200Nm, diesel, 5M, 0-100kph – 14.71s, 30-50kph, (3rd) – 3.75s, 30-50kph, (4th) – 6.51s, 50-70kph, (5th) – 7.26s, 80-0kph – 29.29m, 155kph, 14kpl, Rs 11.01 lakh (on-road, Mumbai)The verdict Worth looking at, but the 84bhp only makes sense for the city.

It would’ve been a steal if it was a lakh-and-a-half cheaper.

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We like them big, brash and most importantly, cheap. It’s tall, hefty and looks like it can bring a building down with a nudge. Which looks even bigger, has better toys and drives better than the Scorp.

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