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Isuckatdating net

I think I prefer this style in general- everyone has seen at least one sim where apparently remembering the bust size of a girl and giving her the 400th copy of the same gift somehow equals love.A little more freedom would be good, but an overall linear style allows proper characterization and a hint of plot, which I value greatly.

Wish i was involved as well, i remembered i asked you long ago but then money became the problem and i just had enough till i had to use it for something else Tu T well hopefully you'll open up more in the future. *carries the maiden (Sweet) off* Okay, so I played through two gay endings and one straight ending. Those have links to the store that does not work anymore.

It's fun, but it'd be nice if there was a way to keep record of the paths already taken, other than by typing out a nauseatingly long text file @[email protected] Furwatch: Oh, a furry dating-Sim? I've never played a dating Sim before~ Narrator: Furwatch commented on the submission that provided the DL link for "Puppy Love: Tonights The Night," and then liked the game. Had to download this on my phone, no real internet right now. I may need to pm psycho-mantis and see about getting it drawn, bwahaha. I'm sometimes okay and sometimes not with super flamey ones. His ending was really cute tho, I enjoyed that :3 But Kra-ra was absolutely stunning!

Can't wait to try secure spots in the next one, if it happens! I love Silas, he's a really awesome character and I really cared about him. I loved his character and I loved every single scene with him, especially the ones at the playground.

Could just be me - I went into this thinking it was more of a dating SIM, so I had assumed there'd be something close to some other games I've played - the whole day/night thing, energy element, increasing "skills", talking, trying to woo your love interest... Even if there isn't any kind of sex scene and it's just more tasteful stuff like this, I was left wanting something more interactive.

I haven't often played games like this, so like I said... Saving/loading is kinda strange though - sometimes it loads things incorrectly, probably due to being able to save anywhere, even in between various cutscenes. I'd like to see more, as it seems this game has potential (or a spin off/remake/something).

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I'm sure Kra-Ra's owner will be flattered by your reaction~ Hehehe We will be doing another Puppy Love game soon! Nothing overly game breaking, but at least there were no glitches while just running the game, for me.

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