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Who is ursula andress dating

While most common in the over-50s, osteoporosis can also affect much younger people.

Often the disease progresses silently, with no symptoms, until a bone breaks or fractures.

As she says, she wasn't an obvious candidate for osteoporosis, being physically fit and eating calcium-rich foods.

I didn't think someone like me - a former Bond girl who from 7am until late is go, go, go, who eats well and walks miles every day - would get this disease.For despite a passion for good food, she still regularly skis, swims and thinks nothing of walking miles each day.But she doesn't know how much longer this will be possible.'Besides, by drinking a bit more milk and eating a bit more cheese I thought my bones would improve. By not taking my medication I have put myself at great risk.'Earlier this year, Ursula had her first full medical since her diagnosis and was horrified by what the doctors had told her.A scan found that her bones had deteriorated greatly.'The doctor told me that unless I took my medicine, I would definitely fracture my hip within the next few years,' she says.

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For the past eight years Ursula has suffered from osteoporosis.

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