Radio 14 carbon dating dating levi jacket

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Radio 14 carbon dating

The radiocarbon method measures the rate of decay in the C14 of organic matter therefore estimating how long ago death occurred.

Hence, the term ‘half-life’ was given to radioactive substances.There are a number of articles on the subject that can easily be found on the internet and these cover the many pitfalls that can be encountered, such as the use of fossil carbon sources such as coal to make iron.Of course it is a lot easier to date organic materials by C14, so the use of this dating method for iron is most often a last resort when there is no other means of dating an artefact.These anomalies have driven archaeologists to question their earlier conclusions about archaeological sites and their respective civilizations founded on artefact dating.Many theories about societies and their cultures have been based solely on C14 dating results.

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However its application has caused extreme confusion and misunderstanding of the archaeological record.

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