Alexis bledel dating jared speed dating australia

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Alexis bledel dating jared

Something, I imagine, akin to Carrie’s final Season 6 encounter with John Corbett’s Aidan on didn’t happen, right?)“There will always be some fans who are unhappy, but I think they’ll be pleased with it,” Padalecki says, with the canny insight of an actor who has spent over a decade on a hugely popular show.And she has this underlying anger from her family life ... ’s casting director Mara Casey casually let slip that one of the biggest on-screen couple ships in history might have actually been a reality. We all knew Alexis (Rory) and Milo (Jess) dated IRL but Alexis and Jared (Dean) might have actually been a thing too?! But it seems Alexis wanted to keep her alleged relationship with Jared a bit more hush-hush, since this info is just now coming to light.spoke with the show's casting director, Mara Casey, who revealed the quiet romance.

And in a new interview, Padalecki confirmed to )Padalecki said that his one scene is set in Dean’s old work place, Doose’s Market.

If Alexis and Jared did date, this adds a whole new dimension to the Jess vs.

Dean debate that played out on screen over seasons two and three—and even dragged on into late season four.

The last time Padalecki appeared on the show was a really sad and bitter Season 5 scene in which the freshly jilted Dean warned Luke that men like them would never be good enough for the Gilmore women.

It sounds like poor Dean gets a happier ending here.

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Rory, Sherman-Palladino assures us, “is single in the sense that she’s not married.

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