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Microsoft backdating

This lists all transactions for all G/L Accounts by default.However, by applying filters we can use it to list exactly what we need.Part of the reason for this, is that the further you go back, the harder it is to get the calculations correct (even though they won't be completely right anyway, as banks and other lenders may work out interest payments slightly differently to those that Microsoft Money does).The amount the loan could be out would be compounded by the amount of time back you go.In this situation, we want all entries (for all G/L accounts) with a posting date on or before December 31 that were posted after the reporting point (cut-off entry number 3225).Setting the filters as shown below accomplishes this for us: Once we have the resulting list of entries, we have identified what has changed in the reporting period after the point of reporting. My objective here is not to determine what action is necessary, it’s simply to provide a means of gathering the information required to make that decision.

Because these are time restricted, changing system dates may have an adverse effect on the use of the program, and you may find that you are locked out of the product.(Note that the Adjust Cost Item Entries functionality can be the source of unanticipated backdated entries as it processes its costing entries.) So, what can we do if faced with this type of situation?The first thing I would do is identify what changed.When entries are posted, the “Posting Date” can be controlled by the user, as long as it falls within the defined range allowed for said user.When inventory transactions provide new cost information, the Adjust Cost Item Entries routine (which may be run manually or set to trigger automatically) will try to make updated costing entries on a date that matches the original transaction.

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Since Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates well with Microsoft Office, it is easy to export it to Excel to further manipulate the data once we have a filtered list.

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