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Up to two clips per episode may be copied on any one channel.

You are not permitted to monetize the video or attempt to profit from it in any way.

If the "Media" column is blank, then the episode is not available--possibly because the airing has not yet happened.

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By default only episodes from the current year are displayed; but alternatively all episodes may be displayed.

The episode column starts at #1 with the very first episode (10/19/97) and increments by 1 each week, whether there was an episode or not. The "number" can be found by adding 242 to the "volume", should you need to convert between the two formats.

We have sparated out fan activity pertaining to specific episodes as a second category.If your Internet bandwidth is slow, or you'd like to listen to back episodes, you can purchase an audio compilation. Podcasting audio syndication is most useful with i Tunes, which is freely downloaded from Apple.If you already have i Tunes, you can subscribe by clicking here.Finally, our fan appreciation page has lots of great clips taken from various episodes.If your Internet bandwidth is slow, you can purchase individual DVDs of the show or a DVD subscription from the ACA Products page.

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If you know of a fan effort that should be included here, let us know by sending us the pointer to the work at [email protected]