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Accommodating foreign language

In between, however, are students who may be quite glib and able to do conversational language, but who have great difficulty with grammar and writing in the new language, or the opposite kind of student who perhaps reads and writes fairly well, but cannot speak with a good accent in the foreign language or cannot understand very much of what is spoken to him or her.These difficulties, the researchers say, spring from deficits in the native language.One to one, Summer School, Short stays, school immersions; we have fast learning programmes with something for everyone with our professional private teachers offering homestay tuition.English Language Homestays, Brighton, offers students, aged from 12 to 17, a choice of exciting excursions and fun activities in some of the UK’s most popular and safest locations, plus the opportunity to learn or improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills.Others in the group, Dinklage found after testing, had previously undiagnosed learning disabilities; again the problems had not shown up until foreign language classes were attempted.

And of course, it's more common than not that colleges and universities require foreign language study for graduation.

Leonore Ganschow of the University of Miami, Ohio, and Richard Sparks of Mt. Joseph's College, both college psychologists who had numerous students referred to them because of problems in foreign language classes, began in the 1980's to look more closely at Dinklage's observations.

In their research, they formulated a theory which explained the problems and variations in foreign language acquisition.

Clearly these students were unable to be successful in their foreign language study while at the same time they were excellent students in their other classes. Then, in a kind of experiment years ahead of its time, he arranged for a graduate student who had a learning disabled sibling to teach Spanish to some of these struggling Harvard students using methods of instruction known to be helpful to those with learning disabilities.

The students taught in this way were mostly able to pass the exams necessary to complete the foreign requirement. Dinklage pinpointed most of the basic ideas and principles relating to foreign languages and learning disabilities: The problem was related to being learning disabled, not to lack of motivation or effort or to anxiety by itself. Students not previously diagnosed as LD showed up as LD in the foreign language classroom.

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