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Double your dating or mystery method

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time your outlook is that life’s challenges are lessons that guide us towards our goals.

Just changing our outlook can gives us a different perspective on what has happened to us in life and why, and can motivate us to want to do something with the experience.

From now on, do yourself a favour: be a good gatekeeper of all that you allow into your mind, thereby protecting and reinforcing your resilience armour.1.

List any negative statements you frequently say to yourself that sabotage your happiness and your goals, and stop saying them. Make a habit of talking positively to yourself ALL the time.

One thing I’ve noticed with clients with low-self-esteem is that they seem to actively keep unhealthy relationships in their life, often unintentionally, because of their low self-worth.

But when they distance themselves from negative relationships they start to feel better about themselves. They start spending their time only around those that elevate their self-worth, and this then builds their resilience at such a rapid rate that they transform their lives, within weeks sometimes; such is the power of our relationships.

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Only once she had identified and started to make progress on her number-one and -two goals, which were expanding her social circle and finding her Mr Right, did she start making progress again on her unfinished novel.