Windows dns reverse lookup not updating

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Windows dns reverse lookup not updating

Once it was clear that everything was updating properly, we pulled the trigger on the server selected to do the scavenging. So, over a weekend, it scavenged, and removed a whole bunch of old records.

The next step (done in parallel with the above operation) was to setup a dnsupdateproxy user on all the customer’s DHCP servers. Knowledge Base article 932464 describes the cleanup interval used.

It lists the DNSCmd operation required to reset scavenging on all servers for individual zones.

We enabled scavenging on one server, then turned that server’s scavenger off for the first step in the process.

The customer’s VPN solution was a major brand name concentrator, which used IAS for user authentication.

We dropped the leases for those pools down to 3 hours.

The group policy changes we made are shown in the screen shot below.

Use the following process to verify that your DNS server is started and can answer queries.

KB article 837061 goes over the processing of expired pointer records.

We bumped the queue length up to the maximum to make sure that the DHCP server could do the updates quickly.

If you use either the Configure DNS Server wizard or the Active Directory Installation wizard to install your Windows 2000 DNS server, most configuration tasks are performed automatically and you can avoid many common configuration errors, but you might still want to perform the tests in this section.

Before checking anything else, check the event log for errors.

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Time to call IT to get things cleaned up so the worker can do their job.