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Mexico, like many countries, has baseline legal benefits that are imbedded in the national labor law.

Employees in Mexican manufacturing typically follow strong saftey procedures and work within a clean and organized environment.

Still, that leaves nearly 1 in 4 Americans without any guarantee of paid time off from work. An earlier attempt by Grayson didn't even make it out of subcommittee.

Those workers are noticeably overrepresented in the lower classes, notes CEPR. federal government, the largest American employer, does provide paid leave for its own employees, but the amount depends on seniority, and even those with 15 or more years of service are only guaranteed 26 days a year. Representative Alan Grayson introduced a bill in Congress to mandate at least 1 week of paid leave for all U. Europe's paid leave regime has not been entirely immune to the pressures of the Eurozone crisis.

The Mexican Labor Law is strict on enforcing employees' rights and privileges, and usually upholds a non-toxic work environment.

In addition to legally mandated benefits in Mexico, some industries provide extra benefits to ensure employee well-being, health, and overall production.

Providing generous vacation time-off benefits is one component in an employer's recruitment and selection strategy.

Even in Japan, where thousands commit suicide every year because of work-related stress, all employees are guaranteed 10 paid vacation days.

Half of the workers whose wages scale in the bottom 25 percent enjoy no paid leave. All federal employees get paid on the 10 annual federal holidays as well. While the European Union's 1993 Working Time Directive mandates a paid vacation of at least 20 days, recession-weary Portugal has canceled 4 of its 13 public holidays for the next 5 years, according to the Telegraph.

The decision required negotiations with the Vatican, as two of the holidays are tied to Catholic feast days.

For example, many employment policies indicate the rate at which employees accrue vacation time and whether employees can take vacation before they accrue enough time for the entire vacation period.

The FLSA doesn't govern any aspect of vacation time off, nor does the act require that employers permit or prohibit employees from taking vacation time. However, they don't mandate how much vacation time employers must provide, nor do state laws govern workplace policies on how an employer must administer the vacation policy.

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On the Mexican border it is not unusual that some maquiladoras pay workers a bonus for returning to work after the Christmas holiday.

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