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About 200 papers are published annually in leading international and domestic journals.

Informational and bibliographic bulletins come off the press regularly.

At the Institute, a strong foundation has been laid for the advancement of Russias leading scientific schools holding to the traditions of the School of Academician A. Along with gaining new knowledge, the ultimate goal of the research carried out at the Institute is the synthesis of valuable products from oil and gas as well as from coal through acetylene. Butlerov Prize of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for a series of works on the synthesis of biologically active compounds through acetylene derivatives became a recognition of the Institutes leadership in the acetylene chemistry.

The novelty, originality, and practical focus of research are proved by the convincing number of Inventor's Certificates and patents - over 1500 to date.This research area is currently being actively pursued all over the world, and the institute is among the leaders here.In many countries, much attention is now paid to a processing of lignin (pulp-and-paper, and hydrolysis industry waste). Investigations along this line made the Institute world-famous and brought it the State Prize of the Russian Federation. The traditions of Favorsky's school account for the fact that acetylene and acetylene-based organic and hetero-organic complex molecules have been the main subject of the Institutes scientific research since the day of its foundation. Another priority area of research pursued by the Institute is the chemistry of organic compounds of silicon of unusual valence.

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