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'My first time with a girl had been at 16 or 17, at Whitley Bay, lying on the sands, and the tide swept over us.

But my first French girl was when our troop train stopped at a station.

I was talking to one and we started doing it on the platform. But she was very, very nice.' Those unable to charm the local women into bed could find solace in the local 'estaminets' - small cafes and bars which sold beer along with wine sweetened with sugar because the British found it too bitter otherwise.As dusk descended on the little French village, casting its shadows over the war-ravaged countryside all around, a British clergyman marched up to the door of the local brothel, pushed it open and strode angrily inside.Only a few miles away was the battlefield where Allied troops were fighting the Germans in the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest conflicts in military history.'The French girls knew how to make the best of themselves; more than my own sisters.Our girls never put all that colour on their faces the way the French girls did. Virtually every girl you met was beautiful, and they wouldn't be above putting flowers in their hair.' An anonymous veteran admitted: 'I made up my mind to make the best of the war and enjoy it.

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'I was feeling fine, and ever since then I've thought champagne's the drink to get drunk on! As many soldiers soon discovered, in some towns and villages the ' because we had plenty of money,' recalled one unnamed officer in the Royal Flying Corps.

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