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It's pushing governors to hone their diplomatic skills.

The president has shifted the commission's voter fraud investigation to the Department of Homeland Security.

When you hit 30, you either have the option of willingly submitting yourself to be killed under a pretense of renewal, or having the Sandmen play with you before they go in for the kill. But the idea of one of the killers having to face their mortality is an interesting idea.

A little slow in places (but I did keep wanting to see what would happen next), and some of the special effects look really dated (even to '77's "Star Wars"), but the story holds up well, and it's an entertaining ride overall.

In some cases, they admit their intent to tilt the ideological balance.

North Carolina's fight over LGBT protections is part of a larger recent shift in political dynamics: States are thwarting local laws any chance they get -- while simultaneously complaining about federal intrusion on their own.

Logan realizes that he must return to the dome to tell them what ...

George Pal initially acquired the rights to this movie and was going to use Miklós Rózsa as composer, but the producer fell ill and abandoned his plans.

Living in a city within an enclosed dome, there is little or no work for humans to perform and inhabitants are free to pursue all of the pleasures of life.

Despite the Trump tide, voters at the local level approved new taxes on soda and bond measures for housing and transportation.

They also ousted several tough-on-crime prosecutors, as well as Trump ally Joe Arpaio.

The decline of the mining industry started long before the Obama administration and will likely continue even with Trump in the White House.

That's why local leaders are starting to diversify their economies and prepare their people for an uncertain future.

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Now the state's Republican leaders are focusing instead on core establishment issues.