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Dating format

Hello, Well, I know you must have received about 20 emails like this everyday, so I have been thinking really hard about how to make mine stand out. Will you like to have more kids if you finally get a woman of your dream? I love restaurant,camping,snuggling by a campfire & making love under the stars,or in the confines of a cosy tent setting.

I think your profile makes you worth emailing,and i really enjoyed reading what you wrote. Either way its a very sensual way to spend a great weekend.

That combination along with honesty & a strong faith in God go along way in a successful relationship.

I'm not a woman of unlimited worldly means,but I am true to the core.

But i guess the most important thing is being honest with eachother.

Though i feel reluctant talking about myself and my current situation to you as i dont know how you'll feel.

I love to be fun and spontaneous and enjoy each day finding something joyful to smile about? This is my personal email addresse just incase you feel like emailing me or better still come catch me online @ Yahoo Instant Messenger and here is my Yahoo Messenger screen name; jennyluv_sera ....kindly get back to me telling me a bit about yourself ok. I have a strong faith in God and would want someone with the same belief.

Enjoy your day and I look forward to hearing from you! Hello, I will want you please tell me more about yourself before we go on with this conversation,i am a lady that need to get to know more about the opposite side before moving i will be very happy to know more about you if you can asnwer all my questions with all honesty of your name ? Someone that can be a comfort to me & wouldn't be afraid to learn on me for the same. I'm looking for someone that is not afraid to show open affection.

i still have a lot questions for ask you as time goes on because i will not like to waiste my time with anybody online because i don't want to get hurt anymore.

And i wish to love that way for now and till life end on my i will love to tell more about my past and presently before we go on .

Jenny Hi , I wouldnt know what you want in a relationship.

And i also need a serious man in my life I think now you know much about me too , i will want to ask you some other question later if you still interested,i will be waiting for your reply . Its such a great pleasure reading from you, well here is a little about me and what I have been told about myself...

I just joined the dating site last week The Qualities i want in my dream Man is to always love me that will be caring, funny, intelligent, romantic,faithful,honest,that have sense of humor and the most important thing is Love I don't want only a long time relationship but a life time Soulmate.

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I want you know if you do believe in LOVE and if yes can you just tell me waht means to you ?

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