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Also do 'a sailor went to sea sea sea' which someone else has already said above Omg I love this thread! Just because I kissed (kiss hand) Doesn't mean that I love you (pat heart) Shimmy Cocopops show off your body (stand in model pose and jump) and Freeze.

The only ones I can remember though are the "A Sailor Went To Sea".."High low" one & the "I went to a chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread bread bread, he wrapped it up in a five pound note & this is what he said said isssss Diana Ross I am a movie star...can't remember the rest We had .. ) Down by the river of the hanky panky Where the bullfrog leaps from tree to tree Down by the river that's where'll I'll be... One two three together up together down together back side knees together side together BOOMP! Have you ever, ever, ever in your short legged life seen a short legged sailor with a short legged wife?

Anyway, they only know one rhyme and i can only remember one so was wondering if anyone else remembered any???

Take a trip down memory lane please these 2 rhymes are going round my head all day!!!!

So I was driving three hours north (or perhaps it would take far longer since I was driving through a near blizzard) to spend one day at the in-laws, which would be torture.

No I've never, never, never, in my long legged life seen a long legged sailor with a long legged wife.

Have you ever, ever, ever, in your knock-kneed life seen a knock-kneed sailor with a knock-kneed wife? This one had actions to go with it inbetween the claps to!

My mother said I never should Play with the gypsy's in the wood If I did she would say Naughty girl to disobey.

For teaching it to my daughter I have changed gypsy's to strangers.

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Summary: Son comes home to discover Mom gift wrapped and....

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