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Live CD and Live DVD images contain a bootable compressed file system, created by a set of custom scripts These live images can be also installed to hard disk, thus obtaining a fully functional Cent OS installation.

The set of packages installed that way on a hard disk can not be adjusted during the installation, as that is a simple transfer of the image existing on CD/DVD, to a hard disk.

RHEL is available only through a paid subscription service that provides access to software updates and varying levels of technical support.

The product is largely composed of software packages distributed under free software licenses and the source code for these packages is made public by Red Hat.

Cent OS developers use Red Hat's source code to create a final product very similar to RHEL.

Red Hat's branding and logos are changed because Red Hat does not allow them to be redistributed. Technical support is primarily provided by the community via official mailing lists, web forums, and chat rooms.

The following commands may be helpful, but are not thoroughly tested.

For certificate-based subscriptions see Red Hat Subscription Management Guide.

Using the monthstamp allows installation images to be reissued for (as of July 2014 Since mid-2006 and starting with RHEL version 4.4, which is formally known as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 update 4, Red Hat has adopted a version-naming convention identical to that used by Cent OS (for example, RHEL 4.5 or RHEL 6.5).

Software Collections (SCL) is a Cent OS repository that provides a set of dynamic programming languages, database servers, and various related packages.

, from Community Enterprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution that provides a free, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform functionally compatible with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Since the release of version 7.0, Cent OS officially supports only the x86-64 architecture, while versions older than 7.0-1406 also support IA-32 with Physical Address Extension (PAE).

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The project is affiliated with Red Hat but aspires to be more public, open, and inclusive.

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