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The Associated British Corporation (otherwise known as ABC Television) was one of a number of commercial television companies established in the United Kingdom during the 1950s by cinema chain companies in an attempt to safeguard their business by becoming involved with television which was taking away their cinema audiences.In this case, the parent company was the Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC), which initially did not wish to become involved with the new broadcasting system, but was persuaded to do so by the Independent Television Authority (ITA) and the manager of its Pathé News subsidiary Howard Thomas, who became the new company's managing director.

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The tune that was used for all of ABC's idents was a vibraphone playing 'la-te-doh' (or a tonic triad of 'A-B-C').

Out of this look, ABC Television developed a strong corporate identity.

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When Kemsley-Winnick, one of the consortia that had been awarded a franchise in the new Independent Television network in 1954 collapsed, the ITA approached ABPC to step into the breach.

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