Updating a modded 360

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Updating a modded 360

We offer this service with a cast 20g compressor wheel for 0.

If your core turbine needs a turbine shaft it is an additional for a new tdo5h turbine shaft.

It was inspired by EEEctl, As Tray and some other programs available for the EEE PC series.

This program is a freeware, but I’ve spent countless hours making it, so if you like it consider making a donation to support my work.

A- You don’t need to patch this file to make the program run correctly, however due to this chatty driver, some warnings are constantly written into a log file (due to the temperature polling) causing your hard drive to never spin down and consume power.

If you own a SSD drive model, this may reduce its life span due to constant writing causing wear.

We also offer to rebuild ball bearing turbochargers. We use only the best quality of materials to prolong the life of your turbocharger.

Email, message, or call us to get an exact quote on a rebuild service for your turbo.

We also offer billet compressor wheels upgrades as well. About a1ctl is a program able to control the fan speed of the Acer Aspire One netbooks, and do some useful other things. If not present, the VB6 Runtime may also be needed.We offer additional options such as a billet 30r and 20g compressor wheel with extended tips( 75).Antisurge housing( 100), Tdo6sl2R turbine upgrade and turbine housing machining ( 200).

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We are currently working on making it possible to turn 335i tdo3 turbos into tdo4HL 19ts.

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