Military wounded dating

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It is rather difficult to determine the first pattern of jacket issued by the Richmond Depot. The distinctive point about the first pattern jacket, and the feature that distinguished it from the Type II, was that it was trimmed on the collar, shoulder straps and cuffs with either tape or piping.

Not to be mistaken with Deliberate Injury Gambit as well; that one is about someone getting themself hurt for real to achieve a goal.

Because these jackets were produced over a considerable period of time, and because they were made from materials available at different times, variations in the coat material and the number of buttons have been noted.

The example shown above was worn by Private John Blair Royal of the 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers.

Can cover anything from a Lame Excuse to Malicious Slander.

For a slandered party, it often precludes I Can Explain, and can lead to Poor Communication Kills. If you're a member of a minority, Everything Is Racist is a convenient way to invoke this trope.

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Using self-inflicted injuries, real or fake, to deceive others and manipulate them into doing what you want.

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