Ex girlfriend dating someone new dating a 60 year old man

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Ex girlfriend dating someone new

I'm not sure how to interpret this kind of attention. " If that direct approach doesn't fit for you, you might simply try striking up an easy-going conversation, and see where it leads.

It's possible she is still processing the break-up. Or maybe she is feeling sorry that she broke your heart and is trying to be encouraging.

The sooner you reclaim your balanced brain chemistry, the sooner you’ll be able to adjust to the break-up and move on in a positive direction. Counseling may also help you uncover what’s really going on for you. Counseling can also prepare you for a more functional and fulfilling relationship with an equally self-reflective, well-adjusted woman. When you are flooded with intrusive thoughts about your former love being with another man, instead of assigning emotions to these thoughts and getting caught up in the hurt and distress, become an objective observer. Hit the pause button and think: , it’s natural to feel distraught when you think about her possibly having "great chemistry" with other men.

Hold on to the perspective that great chemistry is founded on the initial attraction and idealization you have for each other.

When that infatuation phase wears off, that’s when the going gets tough, as in, that’s when you face each other’s imperfections and you must learn how to get along through thick and thin. See her pulling the plug as a gift that makes you available to meet a more suitable mate with whom you can share not just great chemistry, but also a great partnership. Your pain underscores the fact that you are still processing this relationship, the break-up, your emotions, and your options.

Again though, I am hurting so much it's hard to function.

--Anonymous Dear Anon, It’s only natural for you and your former lover to move on at different paces and in different ways.

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And you're right, it's scary because it doesn't make sense and you don't want to feel this way, but you do, dang it!

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