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Posted by / 18-Jan-2017 17:21

“It's crucial that we recognise that consent isn't just something you receive from someone once, like clicking a button on a mobile, and after that it's fair game to do whatever you want.” Blockchain technology was created, and is continuing to be developed, to safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.But while Legal Fling claims users data cannot be corrupted, the company does not take into account the possibility of the facility being abused by sex attackers.A controversial new app aims to make the subject of sexual consent clearer by letting users create bedroom contracts stating what they will and won’t agree to.

The all-men co-founders present Legal Flings, a yet-to-be released app that uses blockchain technology to decentralize your private information about whether you'd like to have sex with someone or not.

“No sleeping over — unless the “act” was very good and we need to repeat it in the morning.” “No meeting in public, except for drinks before the events of the evening.” “No calls before 9 p.m.

We don’t have anything to talk about.” “None of that “lovemaking’ stuff. Whoever signs something like that needs to Google “self-esteem” and find a better partner to hang out with, even if just for sex.

Legal Fling has been likened to an episode of dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror and allows users to send a “request” to potential partners.

The Dutch firm behind the app claims the recipient will agree to a legally binding contract if they accept the request.

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