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Grid View displays the values of a data source in a table where each column represents a field and each row represents a record.

It enables you to select, sort, and edit these items.

Através dele, podemos realizar algumas operações como: Realiza uma operação de paginação.

Define a propriedade Command Argument do botão para "First", "Last", "Next", "Prev", ou um número de página para especificar o tipo de operação de paginação a ser realizada.

As a continuation from how to display Share Point list data in a Grid View, now we will explore how to update the data.

We will start with the basics in Part 1, and gradually make the examples more complex in Part 2 and Part 3.

Para isso, vou criar um método chamado Carregar Grid View(), pois ele será chamado várias vezes no decorrer do desenvolvimento.

Fill(ds, "My Table"); private void da_Fill Error(object sender, Fill Error Event Args e) property can control the action to be taken with the current and remaining rows to be updated after an error; an error can be thrown, the current row can be skipped, or all remaining rows can be skipped by setting the Sql Data Adapter da; // ...

In this article, I am going to explain how to insert, update or delete a row from a grid view control. At run time, the Eval method calls the Eval method of the Data Binder object.

If you are new to using a grid control, I would recommend you to read my blogs “Using Grid View in ASP. The Eval method takes the name of a data field and returns a string containing the value of that field from the current record in the data source.

Dispara os eventos Page Index Changing e Page Index Changed.

Não se esqueça de associar a Lista de Usuários ao Source do Grid, e dar Bind.

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In general, gridview control is used to populate the data in tabular format from different datasources and basically it derived from webcontrol class.

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