Updating video drivers nvidia dottie pepper dating

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Updating video drivers nvidia

With Intel getting more serious about integrated graphics performance, they have started releasing more frequent video driver updates, too.

Here is a small portion of the changes to NVIDIA’s most recent graphics driver package (Release 387), released on December 20, 2017: And that just covers the specific games for which optimization has been improved.

If you play PC games, you should keep your computer’s graphics drivers updated to get the best performance out of your hardware.

We have previously advised you to not compulsively update your drivers, and we stand by that.

Those, we recommend you keep up-to-date, especially if you’re a gamer.

Updates to your computer’s motherboard, sound card, and network drivers don’t generally give speed improvements.

In this case, you will want to update your NVIDIA drivers to boost your gaming performance.

Firefox and some plugins use your graphics card to help speed up the display of web content.

Graphic cards are also used by advanced web features like Web GL.

If there are no updates available or if the updates don't solve your problems, continue to the next section. Some possible search terms are the name of your computer manufacturer (such as Dell or HP) or generic terms like "update", "maintenance" or "driver". If there is no update tool, no updates available, or if the updates don't solve your problems, continue to the next section.

If your distribution's standard update process doesn't give you the latest drivers, you may need to look for other package repositories for your distribution.

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They do often fix rare bugs, but to be honest, they just as often introduce new bugs.

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