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Grote 149 -On the Nimra Yids B and Canidse of the Miocene Period. The body is oblong, and, if we include the xiphok U pro/^i^s^s on either side, has a length half as long again as its widt L Tli^. Cope 165 -On the Vertehrata of the Wind River Eocene Beds of Wyoming. i TSUe border ui)ou which the keel ends posteriorly is square^ thougkwefiave met with specimens in which it was slightly notched in the medi^ii line. The anterior face of the first ])08sesses all the necessary elements for articulation with the last dorsal.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, Washingto7ij July 31, 1882. The separately published numbers )e preserved for binding, as there is no issue of the Bulletins in olumea, and as back numbers cannot always be supplied to e deficient files. The integ-^ ity of the surface is unbroken, save posteriorly, where a few pairs of fora- niiia exist among the expanded transverse processes, increasing in size lom before backwards.BULLETIN OF THE UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL SLIRYEY OP THE TERRITORIES. pelvic vault formed by the sacrum itself, except in tlie last two verte- bne, where the parai)ophyses abut against the iliac borders. The neural spine has a thickened crest that soon meets the ilia on either side ; its anterior edge is thin, and gives attachment below to the interspinous ligament. Sacral vertebras; pelvic; and coccygeal vertebra;: — It is no uncommon occurrence to find in the skeletons in many species of birds at least on^ or more of the anterior sacral vertebra) articulating with a greater or less amount of freedom with one another, but in the sacrum of the Owl now under consideration, with the exception of a few faint lines indi(»^ ing the original individuality of the vertebrne, the bones are thorong Uy anchylosed together and to the ossa innominata. The inferior border expands posteriorly, and the keel tenninating a short distance before arriving at the poste- rior sternal border, the two become blended with the surface of the body of the bone.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. In the young only the last few of these foramina are do«Ne; they are all donble in the adnlt and placed one above another, a patron the side of each centrum at their posterior borders, for the exit of the rooti of the sacral nerves.