Festival days sim dating game cheats Diavolo chat sex webcam

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Festival days sim dating game cheats

NOTE: do not use any capitals or spaces in the cheat code, else it won't work.

Akito: 4eyesarebetterthan2 ~~~~~~YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following are a list of all the cheats and what they do.

Flirt and date up to 4 handsome boys who each have their own unique personalities.

Gifts Ren likes: Mp3: 25 EXP Lunch Box: 30 EXP Cookies: 30 EXP For the Cultural Festival, Ren is working back stage of the auditorium, if he is your romantic interest, choose "Backstage Studio".Kaoru: otakusarehot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is no "Years Later" with Kaoru, ( sad face ) but there is a hint that you two will be together forever.Ren isn't available right away, you have to flirt around with other boys first in order to "unlock him" the following code will make him available right away, just go to the bottle on the beach.Hints To The Puzzles There are two puzzles in this game. And the word for the statue is related to your average computer keyboard . nobodylikesanex= full exp with Makoscrewthebento= unlocks Rencharmingjerk= full exp with Ren4eyesarebetterthan2= full exp with Akitootakusarehot= full exp with Kaoru medicplz = 100O HP.ihasmoolah = 00.epicpickpocket= All itemsarentishiny= Full statsworldismine= 1000 HP, 00, all items and full stats.hibernate = skip to the day of the cultural festival.One is the math poster on the board in the library and the other is the statue at the beach.

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