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Ka bar knife history dating

The only matching knife that I have been able to locate photos of after researching is in the link below. This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Blades, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of knives, swords, and blades on Wikipedia.Picked up the knife in the photo below at a local garage sale yesterday. Cole, or the reprint by Mike Silvey, it is shown in there.From what I have gathered from research it is an early USN MK2. I don't know if the scabbard is original to the knife. The BAR is a squad support weapon, and mounting a bayonet on it would be as sensible as attaching a sword to a tank's main gun. The Ka-Bar companies claims about the name's origins may itself be a fiction, but it is at least not a fiction that contradicts observable facts. (talk) , 3 January 2015 (UTC) I always understood that it referred to Knife Accessory Browning Automatic Rifle, As all other rifles had a Bayonet that could also be used as a fighting knife.Facts that seem to include, by no small consequence, that the knife bore the name Ka-Bar BEFORE it was accepted for military service. KA-BAR probably never meant "knife attachment - browning automatic rifle". The Browning Automatic Rifle had no Bayonet, so the KA-BAR was issued to the BAR Men to use as a fighting Knife.While I concede that the original KA-BAR knifes were well before my time, I highly doubt that they were ever used as bayonets. Also, the "more likely" part of the statement sounds more like an editorial comment than a fact.

Generally our "official" Marine Corps gear had alpha-numerical designations such as M16 for our rifles or M9 for our pistols. I have asked for a citation of the statement in the article. needed a better diving knife at the same time as the U.

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Provisions on the knife for bayonet lug attachment in some models are a recent occurrence, to accommodate a knife to the M-16 platform.

The original knife, and most examples still in service were never intended, nor designed to be rifle mounted.

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