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Now let’s take a look at the very rich mating grounds everyone overlooks. The first, which is the more obvious one, is something you do on a regular basis, that the other person also does on a regular basis, like working at the same company but in different departments or taking a regular yoga or dance class. Of course if that’s the case and you never talk to each other, shame on both of you. The second category is talking to someone completely random at some random place and random time. Other scams involved customers paying to watch videos with sexual content, but they were unable to load and view the films.More than 300 men blackmailed by fraudsters posing as women on dating apps in Hong Kong The department of public security in southern Guangdong province was quoted as saying that the cases involved hundreds of thousands of customers and the fraud amounted to more than 1 billion yuan (US4 million). Police said they discovered in August that some dating apps were asking users to pay a “VIP charge” of 200 yuan to chat to “sexy girls”.Dating apps run by 21 firms in China have been closed down amid allegations of fraud involving hundreds of thousands of customers, according to a newspaper report.Some of the apps claimed customers could chat with “sexy girls” online, but clients found themself messaging and receiving answers from artificial intelligence computer programs instead, the reported.It is not the first time there have been other incidents involving hot air balloons over Luxor.In 2013, 19 foreign tourists were killed when their balloon caught fire.

No more relying on the virtual world alone, or parties that friends set up. A red flag would be someone kicking a cat in the street, and you’re an animal lover. - Approaching does not make you seem desperate or a stalker. It is better to establish a reputation for being the friendly talkative person, than the intellectually challenged weirdo who uses the same line on everyone.

Your potential mate could be anyone, anywhere, anytime.... Re-evaluate your pre-judgements, and pre-conceptions. (It is the way you approach that counts…more on that below) - At this stage you are just as good as anyone else; the way they react to you is their problem not yours. (Although it must be said, some people have had success with persistence in the past) - Don’t be overtly sexual.

Let’s face it, it’s becoming ridiculous how no one chats anyone up anymore. So be confident, don’t take rejection as a strike against your personality. Most people will be nice and let you down softly if they are not interested. Move on considering yourself a winner walking away from a bitch/asshole. - Don’t touch the person in any way unless you’ve been talking back and forth for an hour (use your judgement), or you’re just tapping gently on the shoulder/arm in initial approach.

While in 2016, Egypt temporarily halted balloon flights after 22 Chinese tourists suffered minor injuries in a crash-landing.

Tourists often take early morning hot air balloon rides over the city and the ancient Egyptian temples and relics in neighbouring areas.

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Seven Australian tourists are lucky to be alive after they were caught up in a deadly hot air balloon crash in Egypt.