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Updating security

Elastic Load Balancing provides security policies that have predefined SSL negotiation configurations to use to negotiate SSL connections between clients and your load balancer.

If you are using the HTTPS/SSL protocol for your listener, you can use one of the predefined security policies, or use your own custom security policy.

The Quick Start wizard creates this type of task: «Update – Windows Workstations».

If computers are combined into groups and the optimal updating procedure is different for various groups, you can create a customized update task for each group.

You can update the inbound or outbound rules for your VPC security groups to reference security groups in the peered VPC.

Doing so allows traffic to flow to and from instances that are associated with the referenced security group in the peered VPC.

If you prefer, you can create a custom configuration.

We strongly recommend that you test the new security policies before you upgrade your load balancer configuration.

If you have an existing load balancer with an SSL negotiation configuration that does not use the latest protocols and ciphers, we recommend that you update your load balancer to use ELBSecurity Policy-2016-08.

By default, Elastic Load Balancing associates the latest predefined policy with your load balancer.

When a new predefined policy is added, we recommend that you update your load balancer to use the new predefined policy.

The following examples show you how to update the SSL negotiation configuration for an HTTPS/SSL listener.

Note that the change does not affect requests that were received by a load balancer node and are pending routing to a healthy instance, but the updated configuration will be used with new requests that are received.

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A stale security group rule is a rule that references a security group in a peer VPC where the VPC peering connection has been deleted or the security group in the peer VPC has been deleted.