Dating a portuguese girl whos dating leona lewis

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A lot of smiles and nodding telling guys that they're interested.

You have a sense that girls in non-catholic countries are a wee bit more open to talk with you, whether or not you're a douchebag.

Not necessarily by catholic values in the sense that they follow church rules by the book, but their values is still shaped very much by their mothers and grandmothers, who in large part still obey these traditional values, including girls should not be very active in the dating scene.

So they'll give you the cold shoulder because in their minds that's the right thing to do or other people might start to talk about you.

Even in the summers, most Portuguese girls in Algarve beaches are staying with their boyfriends or their families.

So Algarve in the summer (like other southern Europe beaches) is mainly a good place to pick up British, German, Dutch and Scandinavian tourists who want to party hard and find some cock.

In the winter, that Estonian guy will probably see more British and Scandinavian retirees there than young Portuguese girls.

Having said that, I still have to compare my personal experience since I have already lived in Northern Ireland and the differences couldn't be bigger.

In bars and discos, or just in the street, girls in northern countries are much nicer and friendlier than in Portugal.

So, whats the explanation for this disproportionate amount of sausage?

Do all the women move to other countries and the guys stay behind?

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