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In just ten years time your dog could talk to you instead of barking, according to leading experts.Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning mean the Dr Dolittle dream of communicating with animals could soon be a reality.North American rodents prairie dogs have a sophisticated ways of calling group members and alerting them to danger.They warn other members of the pack about potential dangers in great detail – even describing a threat as being a ‘thin, brown coyote approaching quickly’.

Last year researchers found they could use artificial intelligence to work out if a sheep was happy or sad from its face.

Women were found to be especially good at understanding what their dog is saying, which the experts believe is down to their greater emotional insight.

Researchers found women were correct at identifying the animal's intentions 65 per cent of the time, compared to 45 per cent for men.

'I thought, if we can do this with prairie dogs, we can certainly do it with dogs and cats,' Professor Slobodchikoff, who has been studying the animals for more than 30 years, told NBC news.

Back in 2013, Professor Slobodchikoff who is author of 'Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals,' suggested this technology would be available within ten years with extensive research.

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The technology for assessing facial expressions was first developed for use on humans, but researchers realised that it could be used to decipher emotions in animals.