Air hostess dating

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Air hostess dating

Guilt that I hold for not being available, and guilt that taunts for those that I have categorized as ‘not caring.’ It’s a defense.When you meet so many people everyday, the only way to survive is by pretending to forget.

Other celebrities who've fallen for a member of a cabin crew include actor Kelsey Grammer, who met his current wife, British air hostess Kayte Walsh, when she served him in first class and the pair went on to have two children together.

Not all flight attendant jobs require 10-15 day trips. I’m heartbroken over loves that I have let go, and saddened over the little shell that has evolved to protect my vulnerable and sensitive heart.

Not all flight attendants choose to commute, or want to travel in their free time, or write a blog and freelance on the side. I’m not looking for a hookup, a relationship, or love. The problem is that this flight attendant life has me completely confused over what love actually is- What I am not confused over is the guilt that I feel for not being reliable.

Travel, explains: "It's rare, but there are flights where there are no passengers on board.

With no passengers to see us we can do things we would never do in the sight of paying customers. You get a meal tray, then stand or sit on it at the front of the airplane.

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