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“I don’t rule out suicide, but I find it extremely unlikely," Clawson said.Authorities initially ruled the death suicide and opened an investigation only after friends and family alerted them to his work.THE OAKLAND (CALIF.) Tribune struck hack with a million lawsuit gainst the Oakland City Council for its endorsement of a union boycott of tlir newspaper, ] he u.mpl;iint, filed in federal couft seeks to nullify the council's action and rar council members from urging Oak- ' ,nr«m discriminated against diem by refusing to print their mam , announcement Bui editor Joe Dill said his paper only runs engagement announcements and pit tun s of couples who ure preparing to he legally married. J* juroi case postp A JUDGE HAS meats against a fe names of jurors in to prevent the pa them, LIS* District Jur • !landwritine analysis of the suicide note confirmed that u was written In ( asolaro, • Tingerprim analysis of the bath room and the pad of paper in which Casolaro was on the trail of the Inslaw story and had reportedly developed a theory of international conspiracy involving what he called “The Octopus.” Q ilk suicide note was found revealed the prints oi Ca ilaro and no others ex- cept for a single print on the bottom of an ashtray* • The existence of Casolaro^ prints, and the absence of others', supports the conclusion that Casolaro was alone L md tend to negate the possibility that someone had “wiped down” the premises.

But he said Casolaro’s money woes weren’t that great, and he wasn’t sure if his brother even knew he had MS.Department Friends: Journalist received death threats. of Justice illegally sold its software to foreign intelligence agencies, The company won a .8 million judg- ment but lost on appeal.Several months after his death, Risavi said that Casolaro’s book had been rejected by a publisher for the third time, a 8,790 balloon mort- gage payment on his home was due soon and an autopsy showed signs of multiple sclerosis.It is, after all, the nature of extra- legal privilege that it will be abused, a corollary of Lord Acton’s well-worn dictum that power tends to corrupt In- creasingly, the federal judiciary its ranks filled with those, like, former CIA general counsel Stanley Sporkin, drawn from the national security establish- ment — has come to treat the privilege as constitutionally acceptable, at least in the Cold War con Lext, and the abuses of it, if not absolutely lawful, as either beyond the ken of courts or infinitely forgiveable on grounds of national security. Would he seize the opportunity, in the aftermath of lraqgate and the rekindling of the em- bers of Iran-contra by Judge Walsh that had so seriously tarnished Bush’s repu- tation and perhaps cost him the elec- tion, to pursue reform?Or would he find it expedient to leave the current system alone?

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• j iair and fiber analyses conducted on items from the scene revealed no evidence that others had been present in the hotel room.