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He’s not going to get the letter of warning when you drop a ball; you are.

While making tea in the kitchen she’ll slip into the conversation that the company is on a downward slope or cash strapped, and that you should get out while you can. Yet surprisingly the company doesn’t close down and Negative Nancy doesn’t look for another job.’ Nothing spoils Nancy’s day like relentless good humour.And so, as much as you probably loathe him now, your aim is not revenge; your aim is to ensure you get what you want, which is a promotion for your brilliant work, preferably out of his department. Explain how much extra you’ve taken on and that while you’re thrilled about the extra responsibility, you’re concerned about quality. Now that you’ve presented the problem, offer a solution – one that doesn’t involve Denis. Get permission for your solution from HR and after your meeting send a follow up email confirming your ‘take outs from the discussion’. Now, take HR’s advice, which is probably to discuss your solution with Denis. Somehow you need to convince him that you’re an ally he needs on his side, and particularly that you’re not in competition with him. Of course you are, but he mustn’t know.) This will probably involve a lot of compliments through gritted teeth.You can work it so he thinks he’s come up with the solution himself… But remember what you’re after: it is not ‘crushing him into dust’ – your goal is to prevent him sabotaging your career and winning the promotion you want.So remove emotion from the equation and stop taking it personally.Once you’ve worked out what motivates them, plan how to use this effectively to change their behaviour, prevent it from affecting you, or use it to further your own career. She brings all her personal problems to work, you know everything about her guy down to his favourite position, what she did last weekend, and probably every medical condition she’s ever experienced in waaaay too much detail.

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A really good, if sneaky, strategy is to ask his advice.

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