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When done right (even when the initial joke fails), callbacks can create subsequently bigger laughs during a routine.Talk shows like Late Night with David Letterman are usually more memorable when there's good callback humor.

Some of the best call back humour is used here and can offer any one excellent tips. if u start refering to/ using callback to jokes that were made, say, 2 hours ago it may sound try hard like MALIBU says (i.e.

so I was going to her housee the other night and brought her some double A batteries and told her she needs it waaayy more than i do (Incase you don't get that, i meant it as for her vibrator.. I find that happens a lot with my humor, call back or not. oh well, I'm not complaining Excellent example Sean Carter..way eddie does it is he starts one skit..another ..when he starts another skit he slowly starts using jokes from earlier in the standup one by one...

which i had no idea if she had or not, but what girl doesn't.

If some random dude said it and you would have remembered, then FINE.

of course- he isnt referencing explicitly CALLBACK HUMOUR as such but he does make a good point dont get me wrong though- if used casually as a 'side' comment when not seeking reaction this can work like MAGIC p.s.

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