Who is linda thompson dating now polyamory married and dating watch series

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Who is linda thompson dating now

When a normal person is having Cinderella Transits, and meets a famous person during that time, the normal person has the possibility of a dramatic and life-altering change in his or her life and becomes viewed by others as a Cinderella.In our research, the Magi Society finds that when a common person meets a famous person and becomes a Cinderella because a romantic relationship ensues, it is just about always the case that the normal person was having very powerful Cinderella Transits on the day they met. On July 6, 1972 when she first met Elvis, Linda was having two very powerful Cinderella Transits.In Magi Astrology, we call the period of time when a woman can have such an experience her Cinderella Time.One of the great advantages of Magi Astrology is that it is the only form of astrology that can help you to recognize a person's Cinderella Time, including your own.The following weekend, Linda Thompson came to Las Vegas to spend the whole weekend of August 5 with Elvis. During the four years she lived in Graceland, she was more of a companion to Elvis than any other woman had ever been, including Priscilla.Unlike Priscilla, Linda accompanied Elvis on tour and stayed with him in Las Vegas.

Referring to Elvis's drug habits, Linda Thompson says that she finally had to leave Elvis because she could no longer control his self-destructiveness.A Romantic Super Linkage is a Linkage formed by three planets, one of which must be Chiron (and only one of which is Chiron, for example, Chiron and Venus and Mars or Chiron and Pluto and Neptune or Chiron and any two other planets).There are two ways to form a Romantic Super Linkage: Obviously, a Sexual Linkage creates sexual attraction and a Romantic Super Linkage creates emotional attachments and bonds (and is the most reliable sign that both persons could be willing to COMMIT to a permanent relationship and get married)."Below is a CAC of Elvis and Linda.As you can see in the above chart, on the day that Linda Thompson first met Elvis Presley, Linda Thompson was having two very powerful Cinderella Transits.Transiting Jupiter was conjunct her natal Chiron and transiting Chiron was trine her natal Pluto.

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" and in that sense, Linda was a Cinderella to those people. So it would be more accurate to say that Linda Thompson was an Incomplete Cinderella.