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Her comma policy is to throw a handful at the screen and where they land is where they stay.She lives in Austin, Texas, doing her part to keep it weird, working as an intimacy coach and IPSA trained Surrogate Partner Intern.So I took my first steps by studying the psychology of sex and romance.I’d like to say my life straightened right up, but I can’t.

I wouldn’t change my life now, but I couldn’t always say so: It was a long, bumpy road before I arrived at my profession.Also hard to do if you have no one to merge energy Whether emotional, physical, or sexual, intimacy can make life worth living or feel absolutely terrifying (sometimes simultaneously).My exercises address longstanding or recently acquired performance anxiety, pleasure avoidance, and sexual dysfunction.Highly recommended for recently divorced and widowed men, or anyone who's been held back by shyness and inexperience.One way to reduce anxiety on dates is to revolve them around shared fun activities.

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Three days after the funeral, my wife came to me and asked for a divorce.

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