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Intimidating workplace

In 2015, 6,822 sexual harassment claims were filed with the EEOC. There are a number of cases involving female on male workplace sexual harassment that have resulted in significant awards for the male employee.These include instances of retaliation for refusing sexual advances, unwelcome touching and caressing, and being subjected to offensive sexual comments and jokes.Moreover, 58% say their bosses are supportive, and 56% say they have good friends at work.The first-time survey of Americans ages 25-71 was carried out in 2015. For most people, when they think of sexual harassment in the workplace, their mind immediately jumps to an image of a woman being harassed or propositioned by a male coworker, supervisor or boss.While most cases of workplace sexual harassment do involve female victims, a growing number of cases of both men and women harassing male employees have emerged. 14, 2017, by the Rand Corp., Harvard Medical School and the University of California, Los Angeles. workers by the Rand Corp., Harvard Medical School and the University of California, Los Angeles.For example, fewer than half of men without college degrees can take a break whenever they want to, compared to more than 76% of men with college degrees.

While the vast majority of sexual harassment cases filed with the EEOC are filed by women, an increasing number of men are filing their own claims.Some men may not report their harassment or file a claim with the EEOC because they are afraid of being mocked by coworkers.They may believe that men can’t truly be sexually harassed by a woman, or that being harassed by another man implicates their own sexuality."Working conditions really do matter."Not everything about American workplaces is grim.Workers enjoy considerable autonomy: more than 80% say they get to solve problems and try out their own ideas.

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Regardless of when and how it happens, it must be addressed and corrected.