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He took Harry's stirring stick and quickly stirred the potion seven times counter-clockwise again.

After a moment, the two crests rose from the potion again and a couple of the Slytherins traded appalled looks. Harry and Hermione quickly Vanished their cauldrons, then grabbed their things and left with Ron and the rest of the Gryffindors.

Three Dark Lords put their differences over land aside and joined together to destroy the royal family.'A band of Light wizards in the various lands under siege by the Dark finally managed to bring most of the Dark Lords down during the early 15th century.

Without a royal family, the band of Light wizards created their own new government, which they called the Ministry of Magic, and was set in France.

""There was a part of us that knew you'd need someone to talk to about Binns' weird change of subject," Ron joked.

Hermione huffed again and looked back at the book on the table in front of her.

If you foolishly used your extra knife, use the sink to clean it off first.

I 'The entirety of magical Europe was ruled by a royal family until about the 14th century.

A number of Dark Lords were coming to power in the 1380s, and they didn't appreciate being held back by the laws of the royalty.

" Malfoy suddenly shouted, pointing at the rapidly fading form of Harry's wolf. By this point, the entire room was looking back at their table.

Snape looked down at Harry's potion and narrowed his eyes.

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Britain, deciding a Ministry was a grand idea, created their own Ministry, followed by other countries of the continent.'However, the royal family left behind a promise, that, "One day, the royalty of Europe will rise again, and with friends of Dark and Light, shall bring equality to all." With that promise in mind, all Ministries of Magic have put a clause into their creation, which states that, once the royal family rises again, they will bow to his will.'Ron snorted into his hand and Hermione gave him a dirty look.

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