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Meet an fuck no email needed

"Down the middle, people either loved FUPU or hated FUPU and just were arguing between themselves," Moor explains. People are like, 'These girls are stealing our music!

' Then some other white people are coming in, checking them like, 'Nope, black people started punk, you know?

And Nyende did karaoke, and I asked her if she would be interested in starting up a black women’s punk band." (The song Nyende sang was Hole's "Violet.") Nyende and Moor together forged a very raw but commanding core to FUPU. Fresh from Miami, Osareme came rolling into town looking to pursue acting, music and art.

Moor found out about her through a beatmaker named AMRA Island, who mentioned that Osareme played the n’goni, a kind of West African harp.

They didn't expect it to blow up within the online, mostly white punk scene.Moor thought, “That could add some interesting shit." One night, while sleeping in her place in Village Green, Osareme had a prophetic vision."I had this dream that I was at this like Afropunk industrial goth event," she beams.I'm here in Chinatown outside of Human Resources, excited to interview this rising black, mostly queer, female punk group, Fuck You Pay Us.There's just one problem: There's a key stuck in the lock.

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