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CP: (Tentatively, yet overly loud, in the manner of speaking with the hard-of-hearing or a foreigner) Mr. Relief, success.) Hey, this is Joe Mac Leod in Baltimore. I love it when you’re signing books before a show, and you meet somebody and they say, “we drove three hours to get here.” And you think, that’s great, now you can go home right after the show, I’m so glad I got you first.

CP: Are you irritated by questions about your family?

” It makes it seem like they know her, and I think that they think that they know her, because I’ve written about her.

When someone says “what is your sister Gretchen doing” that’s completely different, to me, than “what’s Gretchen up to.” Every night on tour, every night, someone will say, “what does your family feel when you write about them,” and it’s interesting to me, I would say 99 percent of the time that question is asked—and again, it’s asked every night—the person phrases it in such a way, that he or she can get a laugh for themself.

His sister Amy is the lady who recently portrayed Pam the apartment broker on Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” so yeah, it runs in the family, whatever “it” is, you know? Sedaris’ April 7 appearance here at Baltimore’s Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, where he will sign books and speak and read selected works, we phoned him at his home in West Sussex, England. CP: (Recovering from terror spike of potential catastrophic failure of interview) So you’re gonna be in Baltimore, Tuesday, April 7, at the Meyerhoff. When you sign books before the show, it gives you an opportunity to meet people in the audience, and kind of say, “OK, I’m gonna read that story to you tonight.” On this tour I believe I’m going to 43 cities in 44 days CP: Oh boy.

City Paper: (Silence, panic at the faint sound coming from the i Phone, terror, failure.)TFDV: Hello? CP: (Longer silence, until realization that speaker option is not being employed on i Phone. DS: Ahh, I’m gonna take your word for it (laughs) for that. Well, you are, and your show starts at , just in case you need that. CP: Do you do the VIP ticket experience, or anything like that? DS: So, understandably, let’s say you’ve been at it for like a month already, and sometimes it’s time to go to the theater, and you think “I don’t wanna go to the theater,” but then I sit down to sign books beforehand, and all I have to do is meet that first person in line, and I’m just there, loving it,and can’t wait for the show to start, and I find it really satisfying, and also these people want their book signed, it’s good for them to know that I’m gonna be there an hour beforehand.

The author has been with longtime boyfriend Hugh Hamrick, an artist and designer, since the early 1990s.

After living together in New York City, Paris and Tokyo, the couple resides in West Sussex, England.

David Sedaris is a funny person and the author of numerous books and a zillion stories and essays in publications such as The New Yorker, and is a darling of the Public Radio crowd, via several appearances on “This American Life.” He has a radio program now well into its fourth season on the BBC.

He briefly attended Western Carolina University and then Kent State University, but by 1977 he had dropped out of school to hitchhike around the country. He knew he wanted to be a writer by age 25, and honed his craft while attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

After graduating in 1987, he taught writing part time and began reading from his diary at a club.

You don’t have to try to be funny, you don’t need a bit and you feel safe in the chair.

If someone cancelled they would pick up the phone and I could be there in a heartbeat, which was always a lot of fun just because you could be like well, I didn’t have any time to prepare, so it was nice to have a little excuse. Paul Dinello writes on the show, and I think Paul really brings a silly side to Stephen, so I’m just glad that they’ll be working on something like that together.

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Additionally, he enjoyed success through collaborations with younger sister Amy Sedaris, the two writing a series of plays as “The Talent Family.” .