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By validating their process, a domino effect is implemented, which conceivably could reduce the known risks in other processes within the plan.Since the validation process does require a number of resources and time by its leadership and others, it is wise that each evaluation be justified and the following developmental tactics should be identified when developing each evaluation strategy: – ensure the timing of this validation is in harmony with the overall strategic plan process and the validation tactics.

For validation and testing to take place, all the key players must agree on the following: Before the validation steps takes place, leadership should evaluate any anticipated issues to ensure all inherent risks are within the organizational tolerance levels.The testing gives employees' confidence that the desired outcome from the new steps will be achieved with the new strategic plan tactics.The pre-testing also assures leadership the new tactics serve their purpose – they meet all criteria, end results meet specified demands, all requirements are met with the new steps, and all assumptions meet known demands.With any new thing in an organization, it must be validated – its value within an organization must be proven.With leadership having gone through the data collected from its initial investigation, sifted it, verified its findings, and having taken a broad range look at the processes; implementing a rough draft to test new processes within the organization, and finally having assessed risks, the next step in the process is to design and validate tactics to be used in implementing the strategic plan.

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A few of the key items leadership should take into consideration when budgeting for a validation process includes: · How many team members are needed to validate the process The largest investment and major expense associated with the validation process usually is the human resources, especially if outside contractors are needed.

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