Valerie cearley and jeremy renner dating

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But don't worry, he met up with Jessica Biel at the after party.Justin Bieber's mum Pattie Malette has been supporting her talented son since he was singing on You Tube, so it's only fitting that the pop star has brought his mother to more than a few high-profile red carpet events.The Hollywood bad boy was probably between girlfriends at that point and decided to play it safe by having his mum, Rita, join him for the festivities.We doubt Javier Bardem will ever forget the night of the 2008 Oscars.Tina Knowles has been a driving force in her daughter's career since the very beginning (she designed Destiny's Child's costumes for years), so it's not surprising that Beyoncé has walked a few red carpets with her proud mama.Tina Simpson hangs out with her daughters and their little ones a whole lot, but she surprisingly hasn't spent too much time on the red carpet with them.

'Being with her brings all that back.' Taylor Swift got her big break in the music business when she was just 14 years old, thanks in no small part to her mum's support and sacrifice.

The No Country for Old Men star got to share his Best Supporting Actor win with his mum, Pilar.

Future wife Penelope Cruz was also in attendance, which no doubt made the win twice as sweet.

Ludacris has nothing but the utmost respect for his dear mum, Roberta Shields. Joyce no doubt knew how to hobnob with all of the big Hollywood types since she once taught acting to future stars John Cusack, Joan Cusack, and Aidan Quinn, among others.

The rapper once said of her, 'What's not to love about my mother? Sean Penn had his most important gal by his side at the 2004 Academy Awards.

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Jessica Simpson did bring her mum as her date to the VH1 Big in '05 Awards and 2010 Women In Media Awards.