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Some take it to mean celibacy, some take it to mean monogamy, and some subscribe to variations on these interpretations. I like to define it as using one’s sexual energy carefully and with intention, which almost always means monogamy. The next Match I made lives outside of my small town, but not too far away, works as a personal trainer and bartender, and can compose a mean sentence. There’s no real power differential there, in my opinion. We had a clear, mature conversation and decided that he could continue to take my asana classes so long as it was ok with the yoga studio’s owners (it was) and we both felt ok with it.A mediocre teacher can pick out the seekers easily, and the seekers are the ones we should avoid dating. I was very clear that I was not his spiritual teacher, but introduced him to an excellent spiritual teacher whose classes we often attended together.

I know a dozen or so coupled or married teachers who have great relationships, and some who even teach together. This is one of the yamas, or moral observances, laid out by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

Without getting into the details of that relationship too much, I still maintain that I’d say, “it depends”, if asked whether it’s ok to date a student. RELATED: Death and Taxes Mag introduces us to another Tinder-esque app, Luxy.

Then there’s the question of what to do about dating fellow yoga teachers or students that are not your students, but study at your studio.

My therapist, Mike, insists that we only learn to be in relationships by having them.

I have to concede that he has a point, and hasn’t led me astray with his insightful advice thus far. I strongly prefer meeting people in the “real” world (that is, offline), so Ok Cupid,, and other dating websites are not for me.

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