Kayak dating

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Kayak dating

Why not hunt for him the 21st-century way—on the Web?

This guy seems up for it, though, judging by his e-mail.

When I arrive, my date is waiting at the crowded bar, wearing a bright-orange shirt that screams "bachelor for too long." I'm already planning potential exit strategies, but I decide a drink can't hurt. By the time I show up at the Manhattan Kayak Company for our adventure, a mile-long loop in a double kayak from 23rd Street to the New York Waterway's ferry terminal on West 39th and back, the temperature is 30 degrees and falling.

Veggie says he once worked as a Jackson Hole ski instructor; now he's a freelance film editor. As the martini buzz comes on, I start feeling a faint attraction."There's nothing more romantic than watching the sun go down over the river and the lights come up on the Manhattan skyline," I say, suddenly inspired. Instead of gazing longingly into each other's eyes, Veggie and I are shivering in full wetsuits, life vests, and wool hats.

In the past few years, I'd gone out with a media exec who was afraid of the ocean and brought his mother along on our second date.

I'd let myself get picked up on the street by a tall, handsome high school teacher who took me out for a drink, ordered red wine, and proceeded to sip it through a straw so he wouldn't stain his teeth.

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" I e-mail him."Doesn't that look like a moist (or very wet) and inviting pair of lips to you? "If you look long enough, you may just start to develop affection for the cute little fishy! Delete.)I can't help but notice that several Single And Active bachelors post snapshots that Freud would have found intriguing.